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Gordon Pan

Gordon Pan is passionate about empowering and inspiring athletes of all ages. He believes there is more to personal training than teaching someone how to maximize their deadlift ability. As a novice athlete many years ago, Gordon faced his own challenges, particularly with his own fear that he could never reach his goals. As a freshman in high school, he was far from the strongest member of his class. After years of personal and athletic training, he can now lift 2 times his body weight and enjoys endurance levels that make it easy to take a weeklong backpacking trip. But if you were to ask him, the key to his success lies in the empowerment and motivation his trainers gave him, and that’s a gift he’d like to pass along to you.

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson is a Houlton, ME native, and to him, The Movement Strength & Conditioning, is about so much more than teaching children how to run faster or showing adults how to crush a max deadlift. It’s about teaching and motivating everyone who comes through our doors. If he can help them accomplish what they thought was impossible, he feels like his job has been done.

How The Movement Began…

Gordon and Mike founded The Movement Strength & Conditioning after a devastating fire burned down the Parisi Speed School in Spring 2017. Their efforts to open the doors to The Movement were not in vain, and today they train athletes of all ages aiding them in achieving optimal performance and customized health goals. As experts in Rehabilitation, Post-Rehabilitation, and Return To Play for folks of all ages, Mike and Gordon make a dynamic team guaranteed to help you achieve your strength and conditioning goals.

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